Team Members


Mr. Toshihiko Yamato

Ex-CTO & CMO of Cisco Japan

Mr. Yamato joined NCR-Japan in 1977 as developer of Main Frame OS. In 1978 he moved to IBM Japan where he led software development and development tools like E-CAD, M-CAD.

He was awarded Outstanding Award by IBM for his contribution. In 1996, Mr. Yamato moved to Cisco Japan as CTO where he led development of new markets in Internet like VOIP, IP telephony, Mobile Internet including Shinkansen WiFi. He also led Cisco Japan to alliances with major Japanese enterprises like SONY, Panasonic, Sanyo and others. His contribution grew Cisco Japan’s revenue from $120M to $1.5B He was also held position of CMO for Cisco Japan in 2006-07.

In 2007, He became CEO of Broadband Tower Inc., a public company specializing in data center services and value added services, and grew the business two folds to JPY14.5B.

Mr. Yamato joined Bridge and Sun Partners as Executive Director from May. 2013

Mr. Iwao Aoki

President & CEO, Capital Advisory Corporation

Mr. Aoki started his career working at Fujita Corporation in 1992, focused on business development for Commercial Housing, residential housing, office building in real-estate market.

He was later transferred to the urban development business fund with the Japan Development Bank for Promoting Urban Development. In 2000, he founded Asset Management Inc. (Presently, Ichigo Group Holdings Corporation) as President & CEO. In 2002, Asset Management listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange. Asset Management controlled Real Estate assets in a total of more then 1 trillion yen.

In 2008 May, Mr. Aoki retired as President & CEO of Asset Management Inc.

In 2009 April, he established Capital Advisory corporation which focuses on M&A advisory in real estate sector. Mr. Aoki joined as Senior Advisor of Bridge & Sun Co. from October 2012 for advising Investments and M&A in real estate sector.