Business Strategy

Business Strategy

We hope to work hand-in-hand with our clients to jointly define the pain points and critical questions faced in successful expansion of business outside of Japan. Based on which, along with our clients, we jointly develop blueprints for growth and increased shareholder value. We prefer to be long term partners for growth to our clients, defining value proposition under changing economic conditions, and to establish sustainable innovation and growth, including product enhancement to capitalize on market opportunity.

Market Entry Business Strategy for businesses looking to enter Indian market.

This involves market research focused on defined product or services, competitive landscape, defining product selection and features for value proposition, supply chain analysis, best-fit market-in strategy for rapid and sustainable growth, detailed recommendation on best market-entry strategy. Access risk/reward of a range of market-entry plans including organic, M&A, joint venture or business alliance partnership. Establish a blueprint to setup and make fully operational entity.

Competency assessment & Growth Strategy for already established businesses

Identify strategic strengths and weaknesses of all parties involved with a potential partnership or acquisition, including the client company and its potential partners and acquisition candidates. Detailed recommendations for realizing improvement. Assess risk/reward of a range of growth paths including organic, partnership, merger and acquisition. Establish a blueprint to systematize and accelerate the innovation process.

Solutions and Growth strategy for already established businesses

India with its cultural uniqueness could be tough market to operate business. With limited knowledge of foreign markets by Japanese firms, India's uniqueness could turn out to be discouraging fact, while the growth potential unexplored. We have found that many Japanese companies face these realities after setting up their business in India. These problems could be HR related, cultural, geographic, logistics or simply politically influenced.

With focus on growth in the market, we deep dive to understand the issues and problems faced by clients to systematically provide recommendations for overcoming the challenges to continue growth.