Partnership can range from seeking partners for business alliance, or joint venture, or a potential candidate for Merger & Acquisition. We plan to be trusted advisor for a full range of transaction support services. We have unmatched expertise throughout the transaction support services life cycle – from initial target acquisition screening through post-acquisition integration support. We identify the true value of an opportunity by combining our meticulous financial analysis with the industry knowledge required to understand how the shifting market landscape can impact potential deals. Our Indian team provides the local insight and language skills required to orchestrate complex M&A transactions. Importantly, we tailor each project to specific client needs, and feature the following services.

Partnership Support Services for M&A/Joint Venture/Alliances

We have the experience, skill and methodology to assist at every point in the transaction process: supporting M&A strategy development, identifying and screening potential targets, providing ongoing valuation analysis, and communications support. Similarly, for alliances and joint ventures, we help clients make critical decisions throughout the negotiation process to maximize partnership benefits. Our services include:

Service Offerings
Target Identification and Screening
  • Evaluate market and geographic segments to identify untapped business opportunities
  • Conduct detailed reviews and screens of relevant markets
  • Identify potential targets for acquisition based on existing strategic objectives
  • Make initial deal introductions and support early-phase activities
Commercial Due Diligence
  • Forecast opportunities using a series of market scenarios to quantify how market changes could impact a deal's value
  • Execute a comprehensive risk/reward assessments for added understanding of market variables
  • Provide relevant research prior to completing any transaction
Alliances and Joint Ventures
  • Initiate evaluation and selection research
  • Provide ongoing strategic support — including quantitative modeling of various deal terms — to reach an agreement
  • Identify poor alliance performance and establish new terms to remedy issues
  • Create metrics and quantitative models to identify and evaluate new alliance opportunities continually

Post-Partnership Management (M&A/Joint Venture/Alliance)

To realize full deal potential, we work to ensure that a comprehensive integration plan is in place before a deal is completed. Our expertise in this area enables companies to accelerate time to value, and pave the way for short- and long-term value creation.
We provide:

Service Offerings
Portfolio Value
  • Establish financial models to measure and illustrate a company's true value
  • Analyze valuation over time to gain an enhanced understanding of business performance
Merger Integration
  • Launch a post-deal action plan to unlock the value of a deal quickly:
    • - Prioritize short- and near-term opportunities
    • - Identify cost reduction areas
    • - Establish a clear timeline and action plan
  • Implement short-term plan:
    • - Oversee integration management processes
    • - Provide management with the analysis and tools to achieve short-term goals and establish foundation for future success
Value Enhancement
  • Identify and prioritize long-term growth and business initiatives
  • Research opportunities to expand sales margins
  • Uncover areas for performance improvement by auditing management processes and operations
  • Initiate cost reduction activities

Post M&A Integration

Post-M&A integration is one of the most complex, high-risk initiatives a company can undertake, with some reports citing that at least 50% of acquisitions fail to deliver expected synergies. We have created a post-deal planning approach to managing the post-acquisition period and providing a roadmap for future success. Our methodology provides a framework for evaluating and monitoring progress based around financial, operational and cultural deliverables. We provide comprehensive support for mergers, including change management, synergy identification, quantification and delivery.

Service Offerings
M&A Post-Deal Planning
  • Develop and install the required project architecture
    • - Steering group
    • - Program office
    • - Workstreams
  • Conduct joint validation of strategic and operational improvement initiatives
  • Develop detailed post-acquisition implementation plans
    • - Quick wins
    • - Milestones and underlying key actions
    • - Deliverables
  • Manage the implementation process
    • - Weekly SG review
    • - Corrective action development