Our Capabilities


Bridge & Sun Partners provides full turn key services to companies in every phase of their business growth. Bridge & Sun Partners promises to be your trusted advisors and partners from strategy building to operational hands-on support, as well as the investment / partnership execution.

Key Concepts & Services Business Strategy Implementation & Execution Operational Support & Governance

Business Strategy

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to jointly define the pain points and critical questions faced in successful expansion of business. Based on which, along with our clients, we jointly develop blueprints for growth and increased shareholder value.

Implementation & Execution

While Strategy development is vital to the business, most businesses fail in their strategy due to lack of implementation skills or its execution with constant watch on parameters which governs the strategy. Bridge & Sun Partners promises to move hand in hand with clients to deliver on the goals of the strategy by effective implementation and execution, watching out for necessary alterations that may be needed with changing environmental conditions.

Operational Support & Governance

Sustainability of growth and success is vital from long term perspective. Bridge & Sun Partners promises to be your long term partners to provide on going operational support and continued governance mechanism of business.

Services Portfolio Market Entry Growth Advisory Partnerships - Joint Ventures, M&A, Alliances,Sales & Operational
Market Entry:
Bridge & Sun Partners's key service for businesses which are looking to enter India and Japan market for the first time. Market entry strategy focuses on the goals to be achieved by the client over a period of time evaluating options for best approach.
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Growth Advisory:
India and Japan are two unique markets of the world while having huge market potential. Many businesses struggle in their strategies for growth or driving market penetration. Bridge & Sun Partners's core competencies lie with its deep network and working experience in these 2 markets. Growth Advisory focuses on understanding the key issues and bottleneck of growth and deriving solution to spur growth in client's businesses.
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Involves seeking and evaluating partners in APAC region for M&A, Joint Ventures or non-equity based business alliance. While Bridge & Sun's core network focuses on India and Japan, we provide services to our clients in other APAC region through our trusted partners based locally in the region.
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Sales & Operational
Mainly for the companies which have already set foot prints in India & Japan but have not fully succeeded in leveraging the market dynamics.