Operation effectiveness

Sales & Operational Efficiency

We have significant expertise in developing comprehensive customer and market insights to identify new opportunities for clients. Our services include sales optimization, channel strategies, pricing, customer segmentation, and marketing.

Our Sales & Marketing services include:

Marketing Strategy

We help companies plan and implement successful strategic marketing programs that are on target and resonate with their audiences. We provide clients with deeper insight into customers' needs across multiple demographic segments. We then work with clients to develop innovative marketing campaigns that yield a high return on investment (ROI).
Our offerings are:

Service Offerings
Market Strategy Development
  • Provide the fact-based research "foundation" required for successful product introductions or to grow specific market segments
Customer Insights
  • Identify consumer trends and preferences
Customer and Product
Profitability Analysis
  • Analyze and segment customer sales data
  • Use key findings to help clients fine-tune product profitability benchmarks and associated margins
Marketing Optimization
  • Conduct research-based assessments of marketing activities based on their potential for increasing sales and profitability


We help clients understand the market and competitive dynamics that affect pricing decisions. We develop pricing models to evaluate how market shifts and pricing changes would impact the bottom line. Our pricing strategies address the pricing pressures facing companies today and also provide a roadmap for growth during this era of "lean economics."
Our offerings are:

Service Offerings
Industry Pricing Dynamics
  • Research market pricing
  • Use models and methodologies to shape pricing decisions
Pricing Framework &
  • Identify market pricing patterns and volumes
  • Develop models that identify optimal price points for new and existing products and services
Yield Management
  • Establish the maximum price based on different customer groups, their purchase patterns and sales volumes

Sales & Channel Management

We have extensive experience working to grow, manage and optimize their sales operations and distribution channels.
Our offerings are:

Service Offerings
Channel Strategy Development
  • Evaluate channel economics, customer segmentation and market projects to optimize channel programs
Sales Channel Configuration
& Operations Design
  • Provide strategic recommendations that range from realigning your sales organization to designing a store layout that addresses specific sales and channel strategy requirements
Resource Prioritization
  • Identify opportunities to increase sales force efficiency
Performance Measurement
and Reward
  • Design and implement compensation and incentive programs to encourage the highest possible employee performance
Capability Development
  • Recommend sales capabilities — both in-house and outsourced — that companies need to achieve targeted goals
Program Implementation
  • Implement sales and marketing strategies across the organization, supported by pilot programs that assess their effectiveness

Sales Force Effectiveness

Across all sectors of the economy, we observe that sales and marketing often does not operate with the levels of management discipline and rigor that is seen in core value-adding activities. Working with management, we bring the analytical and operational skills required to design, develop and install leading edge customer management processes and achieve benchmark levels of service efficiency.
Our offerings are:

Service Offerings
Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Review existing sales force effectiveness (e.g., time spend, conversion rates, etc.)
  • Eliminate non-value-add commercial activities
  • Design sales management systems to ensure daily, weekly and monthly sales program optimization
  • Develop individual sales and account management plans

Operational Effectiveness

Maintaining a consistent vision, core values and ensuring that behaviors are aligned with strategic goals is difficult. Our Organizational and Operational Effectiveness service helps clients to navigate these challenges and transition their employees, teams and organization. Our team brings extensive experience in delivering complex projects with organization-wide implications across a wide range of industries.
Our offerings are:

Service Offerings
Corporate Governance
  • Definition of board roles and responsibilities
  • Compensation strategy development
  • Leadership counseling
Organizational Design
  • Design of architecture, roles and responsibilities
  • Corporate center benchmarking
  • Business unit benchmarking
Overhead Management
  • Process mapping and cost driver analysis, balancing cost-cutting and basic processes improvement
  • Optimize configuration of overhead activities
  • Organizational design and alignment, reducing complexity, increasing productivity and creating accountability
  • Formulate key performance indicators (KPIs) based on relevant benchmarks and best-practices
Human Resources
  • Training program support
  • Develop performance measurement and rewards strategies