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Your Partners in Growth!!

'Our Mission is to expand Japanese products and services globally to boost the economy by providing the best aggressive strategy to our clients to grow their businesses abroad'

Founding Partner & CEO Manish Mishra

With decades of stagnant economy and declining population, it has become more important than ever that Japanese companies take proactive steps to expand their products and services beyond boundaries of Japan. Japan has been a leader in innovative products and services, however, has lacked approach and guidance on aggressively growing their businesses abroad. In rapidly permeating global economy where China and India are challenging dominance in Asia, Japan needs to pull up its socks and drive its businesses to grow rapidly to take market share in growing economies.

Now is 'the' time – while strong Yen has brought us many challenges, it is provided us with an opportunity in terms of being able to invest or buy companies abroad, as well as bring mass production items to economies which will not only provide cheaper production costs but also be a market for consumption. Japan needs to take some steady and speedy steps to avail this opportunity.

With its commitment to Japanese economy, Bridge & Sun is dedicated to providing best possible path to Japanese companies to step out and grow aggressively abroad. With the deep expertise in Strategy, Business development and Partnerships, we dedicate to bridge our clients to the markets of growing economics, to bring a new hope of growth to Japanese companies.

Bridge & Sun Partners was founded by Manish Mishra, a Japanese National of Indian origin. For Manish's experience and profile, please click here.