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Social Responsibility

We at Bridge & Sun believe that Society and Business are not independent entities. They are for all real reasons entwined in a holistic partnership that works towards a better tomorrow. We believe in the power of this good intent. We do not aspire to be merely a good and profitable business, but also take our social and human concerns very seriously and as an organization work passionately towards making the world around a better, safer and more beautiful place to live in for the generations to come.

As a part of our social contribution, we help smaller firms, within Japan, with limited resources to reach out to the global market and acquire partnership and business opportunities. We act as an enabler in giving them the boost to move to the next step and support them with the proverbial wind beneath their wings. Our passion for greater economic good across borderless society pushes us to associate with these promising firms and assist them in their journey to the global arena.

A case, in example, would be the mission we have taken up to spread the use and goodwill of a product developed by a small company in the Tsunami-Struck region of Fukushima Prefecture in Japan. This brilliant yet simple product we stand for is an innovative technology for eco friendly automatic doors. These doors function sans electricity and sensors and are energy efficient (no use of electric power) and extremely safe to use (devoid of any chance of mechanical or circuit break related malfunction). We stand for this product not only because it represents technical ingenuity, but more because as a product it stands for a better tomorrow with it’s clean energy and safe to use selling points especially for kids.

How much Power can we save ?

As per HP, one of the top automatic door manufacturers in Japan, the power required by an automatic door is 5A. Considering half of such power is consumed in a regular situation: 100V × 2.5A = 250W = 0.25Kw. Although this is an insignificant number for a single door, when we add up the number of offices, apartments, stations, hospitals using these automatic doors and take into consideration the constant use of the doors the total usage of power we arrive at is indeed a staggering number. If all the automatic doors around the world were to be transformed into "electric-free automatic doors" - It would be a door to a new world!!

At Bridge & Sun Partners, our focus is not merely to support the tsunami-affected areas, and not merely to the globalization of innovative Japanese technology – but, we hope to contribute to the realization of a better society – a society that would create opportunities and spread hope! With an aim for creating an affluent society, Bridge & Sun Ltd. will continue to strive to fulfill our social responsibility through our business.